The Ortigas, a renown, high end developer in Manila, reached out to RTKL to come up with naming, positioning, visual identity, and promotional materials for a new tower in Capitol Commons. We had to go beyond the typical branding materials for a high rise, as the tower was not built yet and the clients had a lot of competition. Rather than selling the new high-rise with typical renderings, design details and neighborhood information, we decided to appeal to the youthful market by creating a lifestyle oriented campaign that showcases a day in the life of local blogger. We found Kim Jones, the fashionista blogger through Instagram, and connected her with our client as the new face of the marketing campaign. 

Our concept, “The It Life,” was inspired by fashion and lifestyle branding rather than other residential branding campaigns. For implementing the concept, we decided to tell the building’s story through Kim's eyes. Naming the tower, "Maven" further told the story of a fashion maven, creating a persona for the building as Manila's "it" girl. The visual style was vibrant, artistic and happy, mixing colorful lifestyle shots, trendy fashion vignettes and artistic watercolors. 


The partnership involved art directing the photoshoot with Kim Jones for the marketing materials in Manila. I traveled to Manila to help conceptualize the photoshoot, advising on locations and styling the shots. I art directed all of the photos, curated the collateral content, and created custom watercolor artwork for the visual campaign. I worked with the client in extending the marketing brochure into a social media launch. Collaborating with Heim and a local agency, the launch party further translated the "It" lifestyle with DIY events and colorful photo opportunities. People were surrounded by all things colorful – from tables, to lights, to quirky set-ups – that allowed everyone to share a bit of their creative side.

The concept influenced the client to hire Manila interior design team (Heim Interiors) and have the colorful interiors match the project vision. Heim Interiors took to heart this true essence of casual sophistication through a modern look with a clean and crisp finish, light and refreshing hues, topped off with pops of vibrant colors. With her go-getter personality, exciting escapades during travels, and her love for those everyday adventures, Kim Jones was a muse to this outlook. Heim, the Interior design firm wrote, “You are growing, and your home should grow with you. That’s what Maven is all about. The Maven bedroom units are filled with curated interiors with eclectic art and colorful patterns. The rooms were specifically designed for  people who want an ideal space to live, work, play, and learn. This is where you can host a pretty brunch, get lost in a good book, or enjoy the view. Whether you’re an explorer, a visionary, a socialite, or a leader, these rooms are for the excited visionaries and mavens." 

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Maven Photography by Paolo Pineda
Event Photography by Paolo Razon courtesy of Heim Interiors
Interior + Event Design by Heim Interiors
Architecture Watercolors by Boryanna Illieva
Project done in collaboration with RTKL